Comic Con 2011: Mary Bellamy

Mary Bellamy writes comic books about a girls who are not princesses. “Ah Heck” is about a girl who ends up in the underworld (y’know, Heck) and her adventures in different realms while trying to get the heck out of Heck.

In one realm, she’s forced to be a maid to evil bunnies (I think this is an all-ages book). After she escapes the evil bunnies, she ends up in a realm where she’s turned into a doll, forced to wear cute clothes, and she hates that, too. That’s volume 1; in volume 2 we learn that this is a retelling of the Job story, except God and Satan are using a video game for this bet. The other book I asked about, “Faux Facts,” is about a group of friends who have supernatural things happen to them. Mary has always been into comics and cartoons, she has a degree from the Art Institute of Orange County, and she finances her self-publishing with animation jobs. She’s been attending Comic Con since 1999, but has only been exhibiting there since 2007. She’s planning volume 3 of “Ah, Heck” and will be making some new merchandise to go with the buttons.

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