Comic Con 2011: Celine Chapus

Celine Chapus has been working as an illustrator since 2007, but she’s been drawing her whole life. She decided to pursue this full time after she accidentally walked into a pirate themed store in North Hollywood (Chest of Divas, I think she said), and there was a small gallery in the back of the store. The store manager, Crystal, was curating shows on a monthly basis and Celine had her portfolio with her and got a show! And it was a hit! And that’s how she got started devoting all her time to art making.

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Otakon 2011: a con in review

Otakon returned to the Baltimore Convention Center and the Hilton for it’s 17th year. From July 29 to 31 (in the midst of the impressive heatwave,) cosplayers, attendees of all ages took over the inner harbor for the biggest convention on the East coast. Second biggest in the US. Japanese movie premieres took place throughout the weekend which brought a guest list that encompassed directors, producers and seiyuus. Director Shinkai Makoto-san of Voices of Distant Star came to introduce his new movie, Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below. Director Bob Shirohata-san and Sasanuma Akira (Austria,) promoted the movie Hetalia: Paint It White. Director Murata Kazuya-san was present to show the fans the latest addition to one of the most popular series of the decade, Fullmetal Alchemist: Sacred Star of Milos. Director Ozaki Masayuki for Tiger and Bunny, Director Ishiguro Noboru’s latest project Angel Scandys…the list was extensive. Our own talents of the US were present as well. Voice actors Johnny Yong Bosch, Scott Freeman, Tom Wayland, Cassandra Lee and more were in attendance and had packed rooms and screaming fans. Peter S. Beagle made his third appearance at Otakon sharing his wisdom, his thoughts for the future generation.

Fashion designers and ambassadors, introducing and discussing the latest of the chic of culture and fashion in Japan, Sixh, Takamasa Sakurai and the Baby the Stars Shine Bright tookover the runways. The musical guests included Chemistry, Kylee, Eyeshine and the genius and legend, Uematsu Nobuo. His presence and words surprised us all.

The convening of fans who share a love of anime, manga, games, fashion and music. Truly, one convention center (and an arena) is not big enough to whole them all.

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Otakon 2011: Japanese Directors panel

Yoshida Toshifumi assisted with the interpretertation for Ishiguro Noboru-san and Murata Kazuya-san while another staff interptered for Shinkai Makoto-san. Yoshida began by introducing the panel itself, with the comment that “But none of the producers actually want to come up so it’ll be a directors panel.” One of the staff noted that since Yoshida himself was a producer for both US and Japanese, he should be a panelist to which Yoshida replied, “No, I’m not a panelist. I don’t work for the company that I work for.”

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