AM2 2011 Day 3 with Mayerson

So, Day 3 at AM^2!

This was a long day for me. I arrived at 8:15 for the 8:30 Con Feedback Panel. The public comments were pretty much “keep up the good work, see you next year.” There was much praise for this man

for keeping the lines moving and the overall flow of the convention moving briskly and happily. I’m sorry I don’t know his name, but he received many well deserved compliments for his work on AM^2.

At 10, Tom did the Cosplay Photography for Models from the Photographer’s Point of View panel and then the Creative Cosplay Photography panel and I helped.

Both panels were a pleasure and we got good questions from and fun discussion with intelligent folks. Considering we were up against the Scandal panel and their autograph session, we got quite a good crowd for the panels, too. Yay!

Then we had lunch (I was starving) and took pictures of pretty Lolitas.

Tom took many of the same pictures and his are better. See the Flickr pages.

Watched this dance troupe

get their geta on.

Had a chat with a lady in red

doing original cosplay and very prettily, too. (Oops, correction, this is Madame Red from Black Butler. Still very pretty.)

We watched some anime and then got the last 2 seats for Bunraku. I LOVED Bunraku! I want to buy a copy, but it’s not on DVD or in distribution. Very sad because I LOVED it! Oh well.

And because I couldn’t or wouldn’t or something leave Bunraku, I missed most of the Cosplay Summit Preliminaries. I did get there in time for the winner to be announced and they looked awesome (that’s Tom’s photo). Tom said the performance was excellent, too.

I hung out in the Scandal seating line with Tom until they let him in and then I finally went home. This year’s AM^2 was a good convention. I hope they keep up the good work so I can see them next year.

More of my photos on the Flickr set.

Update July 15, 2011: Good news for, well, me! I’ve just learned that Bunraku is getting a theatrical release on September 30, 2011. I should got get in line now! Yay!