AM2 2011 Day 2 with Mayerson

Due to unspeakable traffic, I finally got to the con about 2 and wandered around, had a bite at the food truck, and took a few pictures.

Pizza Hut should make her their spokesdiva.

The Flying Platforms were playing in the exhibit hall

I ventured out to the food trucks and had my first Takoyaki. It was a longish walk from the end of the exhibit hall to the trucks.

The food trucks were catering the Ani Maid Cafes so this little maid had a long walk several times a day.

There were pirate gamers with nice rugs and furniture at the con. This Pirate Girly was a ring-toss Pirate Girly. No, I have no idea about the pirate gamers, but it looked fun.

Yes, it’s a steampunk flask.

Original cosplay and very well done, too.

I noticed a few Loyal Order of Moose folks in the exhibit hall on Day 2. They were really enjoying the con with the rest of us.

Then went with Tom to the kanon and then kanonxkanon shows.

I enjoyed these concerts a lot more than I thought I would. Kanon can really play the cello.

Then we went to the exhibit hall because REOG invited us to their set. We caught the end of Dream Rush.

And then REOG! They were great. And loud.

REOG fans

REOG photographers

After that I got to see “Mai Mai Miricle” feature length anime and loved it.

And that was it for Day 2 for me.

Much more AM2 at the Day 2 Flickr set