AnimeNEXT 2011: Mix Speaker’s Inc

A collective group of geniuses in creative expressionism : Mix Speaker’s, Inc. The band began their activities in 2007. They go by a company name of Mix Speaker’s, Inc. and their activities move forward with stories associated with music, original pieces, scenarios, illustration, movies, and merchandise production crafted by the members themselves. Their 1st story was a company ran by monsters, and their 2nd story screened a piece based on a mysterious outer space trip as it’s theme. Currently their 3rd story has been creating a world centered around a traveling carnival and theme park called “Mix Land.” Along with their musical composition fully using twin vocals are components of theater and dance, this brings together a unique band who’s not limited to borders. Their stage is filled with high quality and perfection of entertainment. Regardless of inside or outside of the country, Mix Speaker’s, Inc. will pull those who had sight of them into their world immediately.
~AnimeNEXT guest info

    Q: What kind of girls do you all like?
    Seek: I like girls who dress up like bunnies like, Aya.
    Miki: I like girls who are nice to me.
    Yuki: I like people I can fall in love with.
    Keiji: I like someone who just longs for me.
    Aya: I really love everyone who came here for the live.
    S: I really like people that cosplay.

    Q: Is there a way for American fans to follow you and your work?
    Seek: We have already released 2 albums, but it is very hard for people in America to get a hold of them. We would like to be able to have more access to those in different locations.
    Host: I’ll add on to that. We are selling cds at the JHouseRock booth in the Dealer’s Room. We had a rush of people at concert yesterday. You can purchase cds there and we also have an autograph session tomorrow where if you purchase a t-shirt, you can get a photo with the band.

    Q: Do you have a cat?
    Seek: Unfortunately, we don’t have a cat.

    Q: What inspires you to write your own music?
    Seek: More than having a certain genre of music that influences us, I’m sure it differs for each member. But more we’re inspired by entertainment-wise things, just as Cirque de Soliel.

    Q: What is the weirdest thing you’ve seen on tour?
    Seek: Weird? Like something that happened?
    Fan: Anything really.
    Seek: When they are in public or on tour, Seek is usually the one that speaks. But normally when it’s just the 6 members, the main ones that speak are Aya and Keiji. One time on tour, they were at the hotel room. There was a chair and table. They put all the furniture and luggage they had on the bed and played a prank on them.

    Q: What are your favorite animals? Not characters, just animals.
    Seek: I really like fish.
    Miki: I really like cats. (Me: I’m not sure, but it should be right….)
    Yuki: I really like cats.
    Keiji: *in English* I really like dogs.
    Aya: Procupines.
    S: I like rabbits.

    Q: What inspires you to choose your characters that you use for your image?
    Seek: Yesterday, the outfits you guys saw were animal zombies, the album they’re promoting. Currently in Japan, they have another album and characters called ‘animal heroes’. Each member has a separate animal. Seek is condor, Miki is a cat, Yuki is a dog, Keiji is lion, Aya is a rabbit and S is a sheep. In the beginning, they talked about it as a group and they tried to figure out which character they’re going to be. They were able to pick most of the members’ animals they’re going to be. But when they tried to choose for Seek and S, they took the longest. And some of the options for Seek was a gorilla and S was a pig. So they’re really glad they’re a condor and sheep right now.

    Q: Some of you guys, its your first time in the US on tour. How have your experiences been so far? How do you feel now?
    Seek: It has been four years ago the first time I came to America. I had a different feeling at the time. When I was at the concert yesterday, I had my blood churning, running through my veins, I could hear you all screaming. It was just electrifying.

    Q: How do you prepare yourself before you go on stage?
    Seek: Like makeup or mentally?
    Fan: Mentally.
    Seek: I don’t know about Yuki because he is in a different world, but the other members don’t really do anything special to get ready mentally. They’re just relaxing. When they’re onstage, they’re all ready to as their characters and play their role.

    Q: Does any of your band members have any odd habits?
    Seek: Before a life or in general? In general…. This hasn’t happened, but it started recently. When everyone is doing a photoshoot, Yuki has a habit of making a duck face. *Seek starts doing the impersonation and explaining with motions* When the camera is in front of him, he turns his face a little to the left and then does the duck face. *audience laughs*

(Pic is very bad since it’s from my video clip as I was shooting this with my camera. XD)

    S: He does it very often recently.
    Seek: He never does this face in daily life, but then always at the photoshoot, he does this face. So pretty much, it’s an odd habit.

    Q: What’s your favorite song to play on stage?
    S: We performed this yesterday, a song by Nari, it’s called —–. As a drummer, it’s very fun beat to perform.
    Aya: We didn’t play it last night, but I like to play the song —–.
    Keiji: My favorite song is the last song we played in the encore yesterday, ‘HAPPyyy!!LAND’. Actually, the song, the atmosphere and the lines when we’re playing, the lyrics comes very close to my heart when I’m playing it live.
    Yuki: My favorite is ‘JUNK STORY’, the first song. I really love singing that.
    Miki: My favorite song to play is ‘No. 5 Coaster’ which is a new song that we’ve never in Japan, but we played it last night at the live.
    Seek: My favorite song is ‘Cinderella’. We actually danced and sang that song. It’s different from other bands, I think it’s the song that only our band can perform.

    Q: On stage, which is your favorite costume to wear?
    Yuki: It’s my dog costume, the one I wore last night.
    Seek: My favorite costume, unfortunately I won’t be able to bring it, considering the kind of travel right now. The condor pierrot that I’m wearing right now has a bird cage at the top of my head. And including that, my height becomes about 2 meters and 40 cm. It’s about 8-9 feet tall. I can become very, very big.
    S: My favorite costume is Moon Wolf. That is the very comstume I wore with Mix Speaker’s Inc. It has a past, so I really like that costume.
    Aya: I really the rabbit pierrot the one I’m wearing now.
    Keiji: I like the Water Orge which is a Japanese orge. It is very Japanasque so I really like it.
    Miki: Mine is the Little Devil it is easy to move in.

    Q: I really thank you for playing the concert since I was having such a terrible bad day. And then I saw your concert. Issho genki narimasu! If a big monster was coming to attack your band, which one will you save first?
    Seek: They will actually sacrifice S first. He will most likely become armor for everybody and protect them. *audience laughs and awws*

    Q: When you are getting ready to go on stage, you said that you’re all relaxed. When you’re off stage, what do you do?
    Seek: I like doing work.
    Yuki: Miki and I like to drink.
    Keiji: I like reading manga and watching Dragonball.
    Ayay: I would read manga.
    S: I wouldn’t want to put any kind of constraint on my body and just lay around.

    Q: *in Japanese* Good afternoon! Thank you for the concert! What is your favorite food?
    Seek: Porterhouse steak
    Miki: I really like spicy food.
    Yuki: Ribeye steak.
    Keiji: Meat.
    Aya: *audio indecipherable*
    S: Blue moon beer.

    Q: If you were able to go somewhere special for one day, who would you take and where would you go?
    Seek: I will bring my parents to America.
    S: I will also bring my parents to somewhere famous in America like the Grand Canyon. They will be very happy.
    Aya: I have a dog. If we can put pets on a plane, I will bring my dog overseas. (Me: Maybe be mixed up with another member.)
    Miki: I will take S with me to NY and make him hold all my shopping bags.
    Keiji: My family consists of my dad, my mom and my older sister. I will take all four of us to a trip to outspace.
    Yuki: I will take Keiji with me and go to S’ place.

    Q: If you’re a power ranger, which one would you be?
    Seek: Back when we started actuall, each of us had a color set: Yuki was black, Miki was white, Keiji was blue, Aya was red, S was purple and I was green. But it started to change a bit. Usually sentai rangers are 5 guys, so there is always one person that gets left out.

    Q: How do like to choose the different characters?
    Seek: Right now, we have monsters and different kinds that are cut off in each album. Pretty much in general we come up with a story and then everything comes afterwards. We actually figure out what we want to do and decide the making of the outfits.

    Q: Which kind of alcohol do you like?
    Seek: I drink everything: Japanese sake, sochu, wine, beer, whiskey…anything.
    Miki: Whiskey.
    Yuki: I drink anything, but Blue Moon.
    Aya: Rum and coke.
    Keiji: Beer.
    S: Umeshuu.

    Q: Do you mind people cosplaying your costumes or make outfits from your concert?
    Seek: We really love that people are up to that.

    Q: What are the pros and cons to staying together as a band?
    Seek: Last night when we were at the live, everyone was able to have smiles on their faces and be happy is something that we strive for. That is something that we look foward to and that’s the pro of us being in a band.

The last girl was so shy…and she asked 3 questions at once that was pretty convoluted. Definitely really nervous that I barely understood her. Glad they cut it down to 1 so we could get to…last comments from the band!

    S: Yesterday was our live. I was able to have a really great time spending with everybody. Thank you very much for that. We would like to come back soon so next time, let’s cosplay Mix Speaker’s Inc! Thank you so much!
    Aya: Thank you so much everything yesterday. We would really like to come again soon. Next time, we’ll have an even bigger and greater performance for you. So thank you so much!
    Keiji: Ever since we put Mix Speaker’s Inc. together, we always wanted to come to America. We were able to fulfill that yesterday. And we want to keep on coming and we want to promise you that we will be back. So look forward to that. Thank you so much for everything.
    Yuki Yesterday I had an cheat sheet on stage in order to speak English a little bit. Next time when I come, I want to be able to speak more English without looking at things like that. I want you guys to learn some Japanese so we can communiate a little bit more. I will work hard on that so please, I’ll be back soon. Please cheer us on!
    Miki: Thank you so much for everything yesterday. It’s kinda the same what Yuki said, but I want to be able to communicate more with you guys. So I’ll work hard on that. Thank you so much.
    Seek: I don’t like to lie too much but I’ll be very honest. Yesterday’s live was the best live we ever had. The other members all felt the same way. We want to be able to come back again.

Announcements were then made for Sunday’s events with the band as well as the raffle…. I must say, the host/interpreter was one of the smoothest interpreters I’ve heard. A brillant mix of English, Japanese, smooth transitions between topic and answer and announcements. Gotta give props to these people who assist with these panels so that we can meet the Japanese celebs we love. ^_^