MoCCA 2011 – Saturday Here I am!

On Saturday, I had a couple of events to attend, but the first thing I was able to head to was the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Festival, otherwise known as MoCCA. People who weren’t able to come to the city this past weekend, was definitely pretty envious as I saw from Twitter. This is a Saturday and Sunday event, that served as a fundraiser and showcase of the Museum’s accomplishments for the year. At this event, there were exhibitors, and panels. I wasn’t able to go to any panels, but I was around the exhibitor’s room, so these are pictures I took from Saturday.

Behind the MoCCA indication is the autographing area, where for an hour, artists from different publishers would be present to sign autographs.

The main activity for the exhibition room was selling and presenting products for comic consumers.

Fanfare/Ponent Mon was here! JLHLS happened to write a review for The Walking Manv. So they have became a favorite publisher of mine, to go and check out serious adult friendly titles in English. Adult friendly might not be a good way of saying their products, but the books that have been published by this company is definitely more in the tastes of adult readers. I am happy to hear that The Walking Man, is going to be getting a reprint soon, since it is a great book to know about! They had Farm 54 on hand, and other publications.

I noticed that Drawn & Quarterly, Fantagraphics, and First Second were here.

Julia Wertz! She is the author for The Fart Party (volume 1-2), and Drinking at the Movies. I was pretty happy to meet her in person, and say that I loved the architecture details in her art. There were definitely many artists to discover at this event, and to actually know one exhibiting here was definitely a cool factor!

Takashima Rica, is also another artist I was definitely aware about. As a yuri mangaka, her work recently became part of the Kyoto International Manga Museum, so meeting her was nice. She is standing with Erica Friedman, who is the founder of ALC Publishing and Yuricon. JLHLS has in the past written a review from ALC publishing.

There weren’t many people dressed up in cosplay, but I did see a person in a Superman costume, and in the distance this female convention goer dressed in lolita fashion.

Lush Comics, the type face looks cool, but definitely the name stood out for me.

This is a Jessica Rabbit type doodle shot I liked. The table was selling a Doodle type book.

I know you can’t see the detail as well as I can remember, but the Wanted posters are definitely in the style of manga One Piece. There were a variety of products being sold: posters, books, zines, even jewelry!

Even if there weren’t as many superhero type comics around, here is a Batman art that I saw. Also another one of the lesser known, but still original hero!

I definitely didn’t expect to see this booth here, normally I see them at other conventions. They are the ones with the huge squeezable and hug-able plushies, so it was a surprise to see them.

Next year’s MoCCA should be around this time, so be sure to perhaps remember of this festival next year from now.