NYC’s Rainbow Book Fair

During the last weekend of March on the 26th, I was definitely in high spirits for the winter to over. The weather was certainly partially paying attention to my wishes, since it was a sunny yet brisk day. I rarely am around the West Village, so the commute there was pretty interesting. You have to love or hate the weekend transit changes that occurs, it is mostly an annoyance for some routes.

This is New York City’s Third Annual GLBT Book Fair, held at the LGBT Community Center. The Rainbow Book Fair prides itself on being the only book fair in the United States, so I was definitely not displeased with what I was able to see.

My objective at this fair was mainly to see what new publications were out, and see what was interesting with some presses. I was there merely as an observer, and fan, so I did have some interesting conversation and made some interesting discoveries. I wasn’t able to stay as long as I wished, but here are some photos I took that day.

This book fair was held on the center’s third floor, and in a space between two exhibitor rooms, a hallway, and a nook space for the stage. There were definitely lots of people walking around.

One of the exhibitor’s name is Linda Reilly. She is an upcoming author for All Man Romance Press. I had a great conversation with the gentleman on some interesting comics. It is nice to have a conversation with people that would normally know who’s who in this niche industry.

There is Dreamspinner Press, of whom I have read short stories by Zahra Owens and Andrew Grey from. There is a growing market in ebooks, so Dreamspinner has been moving in that direction.

Man Love Romance! I was excited when I realized that Kimberly Gardner of Bound To Please was present. It was a very quick conversation that I had with her.

Perry Brass, of whom I learned about this book fair from. In the past, I have written a review for Carnal Sacraments of one of his publications, so it is my understanding that Mr. Brass has also written a new book since then, The Manly Art of Seduction.

I also did run into Mr. Norman Beim, and so it was nice to see that he has also came out with a new book, Zygielbaum’s Journey. By the time it dawned on me to take a photo of Mr. Beim, he was off to the stage for a reading.

Next year’s Book Fair date is going to be on March 31, 2010, so if you’re in the area around this time, do remember to check this book fair out. I am very sure you won’t regret it.