Kindle Lending Club Website Review

Last year when it was at the Book Expo, the buzz was e-books and of course there was many discussions about how the publishing industry will respond to this industry. Now more than six months after that event, the news came out recently about Amazon, that e-book sales eclipse paperback sales. Certainly this is a boon for e-book supporters.

As an owner of a Kindle, and a frequent library patron. I realized that many people would probably want to save money in this recession time. Now what happens if there’s a website that does lend out books among Kindle owner? That is the Kindle Lending Club at

You don’t even have to own a kindle, as there is a Kindle reader available for the PC, but for every purchased Amazon e-book, an owner can provide it for loan to one other person for a period of 14 days. There is still bugs, such as navigating the website, waiting and requesting for certain titles, but one thing for certain. This is a good website to check out for the reader in all of us.