Comic Con 2010, Day 4

Comic Con 2010, Day 4

Sunday, well, Sunday- the last day of Comic Con.

This isn’t me, but it could have been. Frankly, this zombie cutie looks better than I did on Sunday.

I salute the Zombie Interpretive Dance and Mime teams. They were in the streets, staggering around, being jostled, despised, cursed, laughed at, but never falling out of character, or losing their good humor and joie de mort vivant. Actors; may God have mercy on them. I also hope to God someone was paying these poor devils a lot of money because they certainly earned it. What undead troupers. The show much go on and on and on, etc.

After that I wandered back into Hall H and eventually came across SLG. I was looking for Karl Christian, but he’d already blown. I did find two charming men from Australia, Jason Franks and J Marc Schmidt. Here they are with their latest comic project through SLG, The Sixsmiths

And here’s J Marc Schmidt with his book, “Secrets of Popular Culture,” not published through SLG, but still very cool.

I wandered off and the next time I looked up I was staring at Mike Wellman, which is always nice.

He’s still publishing his comics and writing comics for others. But he recently edited and published book for eight-year olds by an eight-year old, Master Ryan Lederer, who “…started his Captain Candy series two years ago and is currently working on several other adventures which will be on the shelves soon. In addition to writing, Ryan enjoys soccer, guitar, and snowboarding.” Wow!

The next place my attention ended up was at Neko Press.

Billy Martinez, artist and proprietor of Neko Press, which also includes a cartooning art school.

On the way to the train station, I took a picture of the Battle of Los Angeles.

I have no idea what it was for and I was too tried to find out.

And that was my visit to Comic Con 2010. Now I have a year to get ready for the next one.