Comic Con 2010, Day 1 (now with pictures)

I’m rushing to get this up because the internet is one of the many very fucked up things at La Pensione Hotel this year (more about that later). I’m on Cafe Italia and hoping they don’t close on me.

The lovely and talented Wendy Kee Lee took the pictures today because my camera battery was in my luggage, which was checked at the Santa Fe Depot. I’ll grab images when I have a less dodgy internet connection. For now, there are links. Oh, and also that thing you see me holding in the face of these artists in some of these photos is a tape recorder so I don’t have to remember so much or write down anything. Yay!

Samwise Didiar
Real name is Sam, but he has hairy feet so his nickname is Samwise
Didn’t expect to come to CCI
Learned he could get a table a couple of weeks ago
Doing artwork since he could hold a pencil
Cute warrior pandas, characters for Blizzard Entertainment

David Crosland
Has worked for Image, IDW, Oni Press

Popeye Wong
Most of his commission work is pin-ups, all kinds of women, as long as it’s fun
Pin-ups don’t need to be professional models as long as they have the “attitude”
Been doing pin-ups for 5 years, artwork for 10
First Comic Con as an exhibitor

Neil Wynn
Gave us Neil Wynn gum
Started working in oils a few years ago
Second Comic Con, loved it last year, having fun this year, too
Neil Wynn resin figures ($150) only made 6

Brian Tillman
Creator of “Dark Legacy” a table-top RPG that combines elements of Dungeons and Dragons, Chess, and Magical Gatherings.
Working on it for 2 years, will officially launch in March 2011
Commemorative Comic Con tin of 60 cards in clear cases, rule book, button, sticker, very attractive package
Looking for a game distributor
Has been going to cons once a month since March selling prototypes and field testing them
Not an online game yet, just optioned for it by a game developer
Might get an online game deal
Online gaming had never occurred to him, but now he might get to do it

Anson Jew
I reviewed “Vice” several years ago, it’s great
24-hour comics “Hand of Fate” sci-fi film noir
didn’t do 1 page 1 hour for 24 hours, but came very close
“Vice” was a 24-hour comic
“Show me the Body” Anson Jew sketch book w/built-in flip-book