Book review: Paul is Undead

Paul is Undead: The British Zombie Invasion
By Alan Goldsher
Published by Gallery Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, to be released June 2010
Advance Review Copy with Uncorrected Proofs provided by the publisher
ISBN: 1439177929

Review by Ida Vega-Landow

Do you like zombies? Do you like the Beatles? Both of them are currently enjoying a long run of popularity that makes them seem immortal. But wait a minute–what if they were immortal? I mean, what would happen if someone decided to cross the current literary obsession with zombies with music lovers’ long-running obsession with the Fab Four? Well, someone did!
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Yaoi Review: breath vol. 5

breath vol. 5
Story and Art: Chifumi Ochi
Published by Yaoi Generation
Copy supplied by Publisher
ISBN-10: 0982188048
ISBN-13: 978-0982188040

Review by Kris

Review originally appeared at Manic About Manga at Check it out!

It’s so hard to write a synopsis for the final book in a series. You don’t want to give anything away yet you want to be informative as well. I’ll try my best without spoiling too much.

Arata and Yanagi have finally expressed their feelings and are ready to move forward. But there is a huge obstacle in their way. That would be Ten, Arata’s younger twin. Ten will stop at nothing to keep his brother out of the clutches of anyone, not just Yanagi (read vol. 4 for more details). Now that Ten knows that Yanagi and Arata are back together he’s turned into a raving lunatic. After locking Arata in his room he’s roped Kashiwagi (more like threatened him) into his plan by taking him to Yanagi’s home. Yanagi was worried when he sent Arata home seeing how Ten would blow a gasket if he found out that they spent the night together (too late). Luckily Ten failed to confiscate Arata’s phone but when Yanagi calls to make sure everything was OK Arata was unable to warn him on what horrors await him. What will happen to our lovers and the psycho brother?
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