Manga Review: Youkai Doctor vol 1

Youkai Doctor
Story and Art by Yuki Sato
Translated by Stephan Paul
Published by Del Rey , imprint of Random House, Inc.
ISBN10: 0345512383
ISBN13: 9780345512383

Review by Linda Yau

Kotoko Katsuga is the descendant of a long line of people who exorcises youkai or demons. However by the time she came about, she pretty much lost that power, and can only be aware of spiritual beings that no one else can see. Because of this, in her past – people shunned her, but since she advanced to high school, she has been popular for the “amazing” things that she can do, so at the moment she is considered a quack.

Kuro Gokokuji is a bona-fide youkai doctor, he heals demons as oppose to exorcist. However, since no one can see what he sees, he is regarded as a perv and creep. It doesn’t help that he is attracted to the concept of “boobs.” Now what would happen if these two people meet?

Some points of this manga is refreshing, other in terms of relationships is something I see in a lot of manga, a character believes the best out of others, tormented pasts, misunderstood meanings, secrets that no one can see. Also cute drawings of youkai, as well as scary ones, which is a refreshing contrast. Reading through this manga seemed so quick, that as a reader, can’t help, but want to read more. So yes, this is a good premises, do check this horror/comedy manga if you get the chance.