Book Review: Obscene Interiors

Obscene Interiors: Hardcore Amateur Decor
By Justin Jorgensen
Published by Baby Tattoo Books
ISBN-10: 0-9729388-0-X
ISBN-13: 978-0-9729388-0-8

Review by Kris

Each species on earth has developed a way of attracting a mate. Be it peacocks and their beautiful tail feathers, the sage grouse and their magnificent mating dance, or even the bighorn sheep with butting horns to prove their strength. For humans we have developed the ability to accessorize and decorate not only ourselves but our surroundings as well. With these tools in our arsenal and the prevalence of the internet you would imagine that finding a partner has never been easier. Well thanks to Justin Jorgensen and his eye for design and quick wit for commentary he has scoured net for personal ads to provide a no nonsense look at some of the absurd and embarrassing rooms that people live in.

Knowing myself there is no way on earth that someone would look at my room and think “Wow! She is one chic decorator!” I'm also smart enough to not place a personal ad featuring myself in some of the poses that these people are in either. But to protect the identities

of decorationally challenged the person is whited out and all that you see is the background room. Man, I'd be embarrassed if I lived in any of those rooms (wait, didn't I earlier mock my own decorating abilities?) Oh, right, I failed to mention that the rooms featured are all male personal ads. Phew! That lets me off the hook!

You're probably wondering who died and made Justin Jorgensen the King of Personal Ad D├ęcor. No one died, but Mr. Jorgensen does work as an interior designer and the foreword is written by none other than fashion designer Todd Oldham. Which means the dude does know his stuff. Even though the pages are filled with room after terrible room the final photo is Mr. Jorgensen in his own room. He finishes the book off with the point that as long as you are comfortable in your own surroundings, who cares what other people think.

This is the second Baby Tattoo book that I've had the opportunity to review. So far I have been really impressed. The books are beautifully published by using high quality materials and innovative layouts. Plus they fill in a niche market, quirky and cool would be the best words to describe their books.

If you want to pick up a quick read that will make you laugh, cringe, and make you feel better about your own decorating talents Obscene Interiors is the book for you.