Graphic Novel Review: Stolen Hearts

Stolen Hearts: The love of Eros and Psyche
Written by Ryan Foley
Illustrated by Sankha Banerjee
Published by Campfire Press
ISBN: 978-81-907829-9-9

Review by Linda Yau

The story of Eros and Psyche should be well known to Greek mythology enthusiasts. This is the love story of Aprohdie’s son finding his own true love. For those who don’t know the popular name of Eros, he is Cupid – that cute baby always prevalent on Valentine’s Day.

In my experience, reading the story of Psyche certainly didn’t put the spin like Foley’s adaptation. His rendition of the timeless story in Stolen Hearts is a romantic clear cut tale, with a couple of jealous mothers and sisters in the way. There are definitely additions to make the myth more fitting with contemporary times. Because the myth is so well known and there’s only so much that can be spoiled that is not – I won’t really mention about the story then.

What also makes this story different from the other representations, is that this story is a visual novel. For many young readers now, with the popularity of telling stories through comic book panels, this makes an interesting read for children in either Elementary or Junior High school. This story is also good for the romantic fans, so this is definitely good for a light read.