Yaoi review: Naughty but Nice

Naughty but Nice
By Naduki Koujima
Published by Deux
ISBN-13: 978-1934496589

Review by April Kimm

Naduki Koujima is the mangaka of this manga’s sequels “Spicy but Sweet” and “Kinky but Kind” both also licensed by Deux, the “Selfish Love” series licensed by Be Beautiful, the “Great Place High School” series licensed by June Manga, the “Our Kingdom” series licensed by June Manga, “Otona to Kodomo no Kyoukaisen,” “Suki to Kirai no Kyoukaisen,” “Sunao ni Nare!,” “Shiawase no Level,” “Brother Complex,” “Fuuki no Okite,” “Otona no Oso Kodomo no Honki,” “Mamoru-san no Yuutsu,” “Shinshikyoutei wo Musubou!,” “Boys Life,” “Shounika Byoutou wa Osawagi,” “Amaimono ni wa Goyoujin!,” one of the authors of “J-Boy by Biblos” licensed by June Manga, and the illustrator of the novel “Little Darling” licensed by June Manga. “Naughty but Nice” is composed of three chapters of the main story and two chapters of “Bouquet of Love,” an unrelated two-shot. The three chapters of the main story and the first chapter of the two-shot are shonen-ai, and the second chapter of the two-shot is light yaoi.
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Yaoi Review: Brilliant Blue

Brilliant Blue: Vol 1
Story and Art by Saemi Yorita
Published by Doki Doki Imprint of Digital Manga, Inc.
ISBN10: 1569700990
ISBN13: 9781569700990

Review by Linda Yau

Shouzo Mita never thought that he would end up running his father’s construction business even though he has the same job at Tokyo, but when his father’s back gave out, he headed back to the suburbs. At a welcoming party he bumps into Nanami, a childhood friend and this is the start of Saemi Yorita’s Brilliant Blue. Continue reading “Yaoi Review: Brilliant Blue”

Anime Expo 2009 Day 3

No pictures today, I got there in time to see four episodes of Galaxy 999. It’s the same era as the Harlock eps I saw yesterday, but a little stranger than them. Maetel is in Galaxy 999, so I’m glad I got to see it. And then I went home.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 4