Anime Expo 2009 Day 4

I took more pictures.

I also went to the Convention Feedback panel. Oy.

Apparently there were a few fairly serious problems with the convention. People waited in the registration line in the sun for over four hours. I’m very surprised there weren’t more heat stroke victims. The convention volunteers were poorly trained and even more poorly informed. Seating at events was disorganized and unfair where people who waited in line were seated after latecomers or latecomers got better seating because they filled the good, middle seats last. The signage issues are stupid: okay, your signs get stolen, what’s stopping you making new signs with a Sharpie, notebook paper, and putting up them up with tape? The signage issues are crucial when the convention volunteers are uninformed. Also, the program on the main website needs to be updated more than some annex website no one, including me, knew about. Really dumb, sometimes cruel (4 hours in the sun), things that didn’t happen last year. Very bad, but the convention committee has promised to fix it all next year. If this is the same convention committee next year, I wish everyone lots of luck. There were more than a dozen people on the convention committee answering questions, but only one of them was taking notes of the issues being raised. I suppose they’ll address the issues that are emailed. Here’s the email for ticketing issues: ticketingATanime-expoDOTorg and for other issues: officeATspjaDOTorg Be heard, SPJA needs to hear it.

And then I got a few more nice pictures.

And more at the Flickr page.

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