Yaoi Review: The Lonely Egotist

The Lonely Egotist
Story by Hikaru Masaki
Published by Juné, imprint of Digital Manga, Inc.
ISBN10: 1569700516
ISBN13: 9781569700518

Review by Linda Yau

Minami Kusuga is an interior designer who catches the attention of hotel owner Shinya Asakura. He was hired to help design the interior for Asakura’s next hotel. He was seduced on their first meeting, and Minami was taken on an aggressive courtship, as volatile as the hotel owner himself. Continue reading “Yaoi Review: The Lonely Egotist”

Book review: Iron Man: Beneath the Armor

Iron Man: Beneath the Armor
By Andy Mangels
ISBN-10: 0345506154
ISBN-13: 978-0345506153
Published by DEL Rey

Review by Budd

Iron Man stormed into theaters in 2008 introducing him to a world that may have never known him otherwise. This history into Iron Man fills in the gaps and lets you know how the original story went down. This book is filled with interviews with a plethora of people who worked on Iron Man over the years.
Continue reading “Book review: Iron Man: Beneath the Armor”