Book reivew: The Nymphos of Rocky Flats

The Nymphos of Rocky Flats
Written by Mario Acevedo
ISBN-10: 0060833262
ISBN-13: 978-0060833268
EOS Publishing

Review by Budd

Felix Gomez was just your everyday soldier. Then, while fighting in the Iraq war, he is turned into a vampire. Now his guilt about the war keeps him from drinking human blood. Adapting to his life as a vampire, Felix becomes a private detective. His vampire abilities give him a distinct advantage. Felix’s next job is finding out why the women of Rocky Flatts have become nymphomaniacs. Oddly the Vanatori, a group of vampire hunters, shows up while felix is working this job and starts killing vampires in the Denver area. Felix’s vampire abilities are starting to fail him as he rushes against the clock to stop the Vanatori and solve the mystery.

Mario Acevedo looks to be an up and coming writer. There are moments in this book that the words just blend into a picture and suck you in. These times happen to be when Acevedo is writing about the military. The writing rocks back and forth from the very well done war scene that opens the book to some really campy vampire stuff. There are glimpses of real promise in this book.

Unfortunately this book is only okay. The story is quite predictable and the vampires, although not all powerful, are pretty powerful. Maybe the story just blends too many genres into one. This book is a war, vampire, mystery, science fiction, and conspiracy novel. I mean, I wonder why there were no cowboys. It seems that Mr Acevedo is going to be continuing on with the character of Felix as he takes on more assignments.

The title of this novel is rather misleading as the nymphos only take up a small fraction of the book and although the word sex is used quite a bit, there are no graphic descriptions. This book hits on so many different genres that a very wide range of people could enjoy this book, but will probably only think it is okay. Because of the repeated references to sex, I would recommend this book to those high school and above. Do yourself a favor and read the first chapter of this book as it really is very good writing, you may find yourself sticking around for the end.