Dispatches from Sakuracon

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April 10, 2009
“On the train now with Gregor. Fun ride!”

“Wow they put artist alley at the very front before you even get to other exhibitors, that is so cool, it makes them seem like the stars.”

“In the artists area at Sakuracon, I discovered an artist named Allison Theus who has a book of illustrations called ‘A Book of Mostly Creatures.’ I instantly liked the style of the art — it reminded me of old 17th century illustrations of animals, only these are fantastic creatures from her imagination. I talked to her about how she came up with this. She said she was inspired by being really interested in dinosaurs and also in anatomy, and wondering how the various pieces of animals could go together in new ways to create a new creature. I bought the book and she autographed it.

“She has a web site at www.oblivionunleashed.com where you can see her work.

“Another good change this year is that they put the line for registration off in an out-of-the way hall, so that the registration line doesn’t make the main area of the convention feel overcrowded. I’ve only been here a few hours but already things seem better organized than ever (not that it was bad in the past, but they have continued to improve it).”

April 11, 2009

“Flickr stuff, more to come.”



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