Fairway to Heaven Review

Fairway to Heaven
Written by J. David Barron
Published by A Ladder Press Publishing Book
ISBN: 097937653

Reviewed by Lauren Lapinski

Golf, just the thought of the word and one automatically thinks of players such as Tiger Woods or movies such as Happy Gilmore. It is a sport loved by many and lost on by just as many people in all parts of the world. Fairway to Heaven is a book that both explores a passion for golf and the faith one has in Christianity.

The first thing one notices is that the narrative of the story quickly changes. In chapter one the story is being told in third person point of view, yet when the reader gets to the next chapter, the story is being told in first person. Now there have been stories that have done this before, however, this is usually started off in the prologue of a story before the first chapter even starts, so to do this in the first chapter and then completely change narrative in chapter two is a bit odd. It would also help the reader a great deal if they were familiar with the sport of golf. There is a lot of terminology used throughout the book and if one isn’t familiar with the sport, one could easily get lost in what the book talking about.

This being a novella, a great deal of stuff isn’t given the same amount of attention as it would be a full length novel. The narrator talks about the issues he has with his marriage, yet we never find out what exactly the issues are, which somehow get magically resolved after the birth of his kids. If you’re also of the non-Christian faith, you may find the few references to God and having faith in God a bit too much to take in and may possibly roll your eyes several times throughout the story. So if you don’t mind reading a book filled with sentimental memories, strong faith in the Christian church, and a love of golf, this is probably the book for you.