Josei Review: Object of Desire

Object of Desire
Story and art by Tomoko Noguchi
Published by Luv Luv Press, imprint of Aurora Publishing
ISBN-10:  1934496499
ISBN-13:  9781934496497

Review by Jilly Gee

Object of Desire is a collection of five, short love stories for ladies; six, if you count the two-chapter one as two. Five different, unrelated stories, five different leading ladies, three of which are a little ditzy. For the lucky ladies who weren’t ditzy, the guys turned out to be cheaters. Actually, all of them were cheaters with the except of one. I suppose the theme of this graphic novel should be “boyfriends who are jerks”.

Kako wants a guy to admit that he only wants to have sex with her instead of going through the motions of being her boyfriend and trying to hurry their dates along so they can go to a hotel. She finally meets that guy! They have sex, they actually have an amazing date, he tells her about his girlfriend…

Atsushi is constantly sleeping around with women other than Atsuko, she’s even caught him at it, and yet she still clings to him and obsessively texts him. The conclusion may have been sweet, but the premise of this story just doesn’t make any sense. She has threatened to break up with him if he cheats on her, and he actually tries to hide this cheating from her despite the fact that he thinks she is annoying and doesn’t want to be her boyfriend in the first place.

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Book Review: Free From Addiction

Free From Addiction: Facing yourself and Embracing Recovery
Written by Morteza Khaleghi with Constance Gove
Published by Palgrave imprint of Macmillan.
ISBN10: 0230606113
ISBN13: 9780230606111

Review by Linda Yau

Addictions are something that inflicts one in five Americans, and this can lead to family heartbreaks and tragedies. In the context of Free From Addiction, addiction is a negative aspect that must be cured of. Addictions are usually caused by an emotional trauma, that an individual would try to escape from, either with the use of alcohol or drugs (either legal or illegal). I had a hard time reading through this book, it was an definitely a self-help book for those who can use this book, and are use to reading these type of books. The author of this book is a medical doctor that founded a clinic on the Western Coast to treat those that had addictions. He gathers enough facts and case studies of patients that was treated at the clinic to write this book.
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Book Review: Avalon: Web of Magic – Circles in the Stream (Book One)

Avalon: Web of Magic – Circles in the Stream (Book One)
By Rachel Roberts
Illustrated by: Allison Strom
Published by Seven Seas
ISBN-10: 1-933164-66-2
ISBN-13: 978-1-933164-66-3

Review by Kris

Three girls who have nothing in common are about to become inseparable for one special cause.

Emily Fletcher and her mom have recently moved from Colorado to a small Pennsylvania town. Emily’s mom is a veterinarian and Emily has been known to help her out because of a gift she has. Emily is especially good with animals and seems to be able to help animals heal quicker because of her caring nature. But surprises wait around every corner.
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Manga Review: Higurashi When They Cry vol. 2

Higurashi When They Cry vol. 2
Story by: RYUKISH07
Art by: Karin Suzuragi
Published by Yen Press
ISBN-10: 0-07595-2984-1
ISBN-13: 978-0-7595-2984-7

Review by Kris

The mysteries of Hinamizawa continue in Higurashi When They Cry vol. 2. The strange and mysterious deaths from the past several years are now bearing down on Keiichi Maebara’s frayed psyche. He’s been approached by a detective from the next town over and has asked for his help. Ooishi, the detective, seems to be the culprit behind sewing the seeds of doubt in Keiichi’s mind. Ooishi has also asked Keiichi to spy on his friends and report back to him any bizarre behavior. Because of this Keiichi is now trying to act normal all while trying to suppress his fear and anxiety. Things go from bad to worse when he finds a needle in the ohagi that Mion and Rena drop off at Keiichi’s house. Because he’s already overly paranoid by this point he sees this as a sign that he’s next on the list to be offed. When he turns to Ooishi again Rena’s mysterious past comes to light and freaks him out even more. What will become of our paranoid friend Keiichi?
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Graphic Novel/Book Review: Genshiken Official Book

Genshiken Official Book
Written by Kio Shimoku
Translated by Satsuki Yamashita
Published by Del Rey imprint of Ballantine
ISBN 10: 034550402x
ISBN 13: 9780345504029

Review by Linda Yau

As a fan of the animation series, and spin-off, I was actually quite very happy to have the opportunity to read and review this book. This is one of those Japanese guidebooks that actually got translated for the American public. My opinion in that this is a definite must have manga companion for fans of Genshiken, something to pair up with those nine volumes. Continue reading “Graphic Novel/Book Review: Genshiken Official Book”

Dispatches from Sakuracon

From Tom Good’s iPhone!

Updating throughout the weekend!

April 10, 2009
“On the train now with Gregor. Fun ride!”

“Wow they put artist alley at the very front before you even get to other exhibitors, that is so cool, it makes them seem like the stars.”

“In the artists area at Sakuracon, I discovered an artist named Allison Theus who has a book of illustrations called ‘A Book of Mostly Creatures.’ I instantly liked the style of the art — it reminded me of old 17th century illustrations of animals, only these are fantastic creatures from her imagination. I talked to her about how she came up with this. She said she was inspired by being really interested in dinosaurs and also in anatomy, and wondering how the various pieces of animals could go together in new ways to create a new creature. I bought the book and she autographed it.

“She has a web site at where you can see her work.

“Another good change this year is that they put the line for registration off in an out-of-the way hall, so that the registration line doesn’t make the main area of the convention feel overcrowded. I’ve only been here a few hours but already things seem better organized than ever (not that it was bad in the past, but they have continued to improve it).”

April 11, 2009

“Flickr stuff, more to come.”



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Fairway to Heaven Review

Fairway to Heaven
Written by J. David Barron
Published by A Ladder Press Publishing Book
ISBN: 097937653

Reviewed by Lauren Lapinski

Golf, just the thought of the word and one automatically thinks of players such as Tiger Woods or movies such as Happy Gilmore. It is a sport loved by many and lost on by just as many people in all parts of the world. Fairway to Heaven is a book that both explores a passion for golf and the faith one has in Christianity.
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Yaoi Review: Hero Heel vol. 3

Hero Heel Vol. 3
Story and Art: Makoto Tateno
Published by the Juné Imprint of Digital Manga, Inc.
ISBN-10: 1-56970-728-6
ISBN-13: 978-1-56970-728-9

Review by I-hsiu Lin

A passion that blossoms from behind the set of a live action drama. It’s been some time already since Minami became the hero, Oreidos. After their one night together, Sawada has rejected any feelings towards him. Resigned, Minami promised that he will not see him beyond their roles as enemies. That resignation appropriately supplies the drive needed for their characters on screen. During the filming of the special, Minami meets and ends up working closely with Takagi, Sawada’s old partner (on and off the screen.) As Minami and another actor, Katagiri draw closer together, Sawada agreed to give Takagi a chance at love again. Two couples taking a step in their new relationships. But then Sawada suddenly kisses Minami….

And we’re only up to the second half of the shooting!
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