eBook Review: Glitter and Dust

Glitter and Dust
Written by Camilla Bruce
Published by Torquere Press

Review by Linda Yau

I have a couple of these Torque Press ebooks on my computer’s hard drive to still review – my apologies on falling behind them. I was greatly reminded of a need to review my pile of very overdue ebooks, after reading Ida’s recent review.

Glitter and Dust is part of the Single Shots collection, a series of one shot erotica that is pretty predominant for this press, and this would be a good recommended one for people who wouldn’t necessary enjoy a long chapter story, but wish to be satisfied in one shot stories.

Anyhow, Glitter and Dust follows Aidan’s one night romp with Glitter and Dust, fae sibling during his village’s Harvest festivities. Now this meeting is quite sexual in scope, and since the story is so short, I would like to leave this at that. So people who are interest in Celitic woodland nature spirits might find some some interest in this title.