Book Review: One Last Dance

One Last Dance: It’s Never Too Late to Fall in Love
Written by Mardo Williams with his daughters, Kay & Jerri
Published by Calliope Press
ISBN10: 0964924145
ISBN13: 9780964924147

Review by Linda Yau

Finding love is never an easy thing to do. But what happens if you are 89 and walk into a women, ten years your junior? Insults, broken cakes, and bruised self esteems were the impression that Morgan and Dixie was left with from their first meeting. However as the plot forms, eventually these two seniors started to date Morgan moves in with Dixie, and her elderly dog Jiggs. These two seniors attempt to settle into some domestic normalcy, with much protests from Morgan on his part of doing household chores. The past eventually catches up with Morgan though. Now then how would the two deal with Morgan’s estranged grandson?

I received this book as a review copy much like Hymie and the Angel from the Indie & Small Press Book Fair. After months of being on my bookshelf, I finally had the time to read One Last Dance. I can honestly say, that I was not disappointed, and the fact that I couldn’t put the book down until I finish meant something. I was assured of months previously by Ms. Kay Williams that this book was great, and now I heartily give it two thumbs up. This has my stamp of approval for its realistic situations, and rich character development.

While there are some sad parts, there are also exciting parts in the book – with a need to find out what would happen next. Toward the ending of the book I thought of how difficult it is to love someone, that everything is not as apparent as it is from the public view. But with understanding, and to definitely look with an acceptance of the person’s faults, and fears is to rationalize human nature.

People may want to want to live, and enjoy life – but what would happen if age gets to be a problem? To read of this age group, as a group that would still feel the passions, and desires, exhibit the fact that the elder generation is a generation that shouldn’t be forgotten.

This book is an ideal book to be used as a reading group, as there are in depth discussion questions. This book is also great for a romance fan, without the talk of much sex, but much love between two strong individuals who learn to love each other through time and trials.