Book Review: The Ultimate Guide to Well Being

The Ultimate Guide to Well Being
Written by Jason Pegler
Published by Chipunkapublishing Ltd.
ISBN10: 1847470068
ISBN13: 9781847470065

Review by Linda Yau

On the cover of this book, there is a figure quoted the Wolrd Health Organization of about one million people committing suicide on an annual basis, and then there is this expression of “If people change their perception we can make it zero.”

The Ultimate Guide to Well Being is a self help book for people who think about committing the act of suicide, and this is a book that would advise on not doing that. There are ten chapters in this guide, and each chapter has examples, and testimonies that can inspire the reader. Each chapter also ends with questions for the reader to fill out. These are self-thought questions, and reinforcement for the readers to thinking about what they have in life to make it worth living.

Chipunkapublishing is a publishing company that is based in the United Kingdom, and their motto is to be an authoritative resource or voice of people with mental illness. The authors that the publishing company publish are people with mental illness, and it is commendable that this publishing house exists for a population that is tormented by a silent illness.

As a publishing medium, self-help books are print materials that strive to provide some preventative means, and if any one would read books such as this, then possibly one’s live can be changed.