Manga Review: Wanted

Story and Art by Matsuri Hino
Published by the Shojo Beat imprint of Viz Media.
ISBN10: 1421519348
ISBN13: 9781421519340

Review by Linda Yau

All songstress Armeria ever wanted was to find Luce her first love, after he got kidnapped by the infamous pirate captain Skulls. Fast forward eight years later, she has disguised herself as a boy, and joined up with the crew. Unfortunately her plans of finding Luce is dashed when the crew realizes that she is a women. Now what is she to do after Skulls tether her at her feet binding her to his side?

Of course, I don’t want to spoil the story anymore than necessary. Wanted actually has another one shot story, Spring Cherry Blossoms, and takes place during the Meiji Restoration period of Japan. Sho is a woman with dreams of becoming a female doctor. One day at her local bookstore, she notices flamboyantly dressed man, and later becomes attracted to him after he stands up for her.

However, society seems to go against her ideas, soon after she learns that she was betrothed to be wed. Sho is disappointed by this, and tries to run away from this reality. She soon realizes that the flamboyantly dressed man is Takao, her betrothed’s younger brother. Sho’s reputation is brought into question after she tries runs away from this fate, and what will eventually happen to her as she tries to grasp control of her fate?

I truly enjoyed this one-shot graphic novel. The artwork for this book is actually quite prettily drawn. The plots of the stories are all very well drawn. A short complaint on the ending for Wanted not being as finalized as Spring Cherry Blossoms was.

This is a romantic story book that will appeal to the romance fans that are out there. So if you are also a fan for Hino’s other work, Vampire Knight, and waiting for the graphic novel to be translated then this book, can provide a sweet break from the dramatic angst.