Josei Review: Make Love & Peace

Make Love & Peace
Art and Story by Takane Yonetai
Published by Luv Luv Press imprint of Aurora Publisher Inc.
ISBN10: 1934496324
ISBN13: 9781934496329

Review by Linda Yau

College student Ayane Shinoda’s boyfriend Koichi is a hardworking police detective. They are passionately in love with each other. Every three pages or so, there is at least one sex scene between them, and that is quite graphic. At the beginning of the book, there is a brief mention of their initial meeting, while catching a thief. They hit it off (rather Ayane stalked after Koichi), and sparks flew.

Their relationship though has more problems than normal, ever since Ayane gets herself fancies herself to be a strong individual with a herorine tendency. Their relationship is either strenghted or bothered by everything from a panty theives, to who seeks revenge against Ayane, Koichi’s younger brother Ruka, or to the issue of parenthood. Make Love & Peace is a quick simple read.

Luv Luv Press has not back down on their quality of translating Josei books, these books are very much meant as romantic smut books. The few times I brought this to work, to try and write out a review, during my lunch hour – has my coworkers surprised at the graphic content of these type of stories. So these are what they meant for the 18+ crowd.

But as far as character development, I found Ayane to be an naive female, with one example in mind. There was one part where she was in trouble, she was about to jump out of a three story building, there was one bubble of wondering if this was how her parents felt in a life or death situation. That was such an odd timing to think about this though, and so I was pretty surprised by her line of thought, ever since it was established several times, that her parents died in a car accident. She has a redeeming characteristic though of being a traditional Japanese women, with the idea of being a wife and mother in mind… so this is the dream of a Japanese society women.

There was an interesting running joke of Koichi being very overprotective, which was actually parodied on at the author’s after comics, which was quite amusing, protective to the point of even ignoring his health and getting sick.

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