Graphic Novel Review: Too Cool to be Forgotten

Too Cool to be Forgotten
Story and Art: Alex Robinson
Published by Top Shelf Productions
ISBN-10: 1-891830-98-8
ISBN-13: 978-1-891830-98-3

Review by Kris

I’m pretty sure high school was a pretty traumatic time in most peoples lives. I know it played a huge part, in both good and bad, in my life and changed me forever. I think the only people who weren’t traumatized by their high school experience were the jocks, cheerleaders, etc. In Alex Robinson’s Too Cool to be Forgotten Andy Wicks has to relive his high school days.

Andy Wicks has been a smoker for ages and has tried just about everything to quit. All these attempts have been for naught. In a last ditch attempt he decides to visit a hypnotist. Not knowing what to expect but what harm can it cause. It seems like a lot of trouble can come through hypnosis. He seems to be transported back in time to 1985. In 1985 he was just a lowly high school student. He’s a forty-year-old man trapped in a gangly teenage boy body. Will Andy be able to change his ways and be able to return to the present or will he be forced to relive high school again.

I knew immediately that I would like this title. I mean anyone who had a hard time finding their niche in high school would completely relate to the character of Andy Wicks. Andy was able to go from being a dud to a stud by asking out the girl of his dreams, thanks to his confidence of now being a forty-year-old. It was a touching piece and ended in quite the twist turn, which added a new dimension to the story. The art complimented the story well and you really get sucked in. The thing that first drew my attention was the cover. It is created to look like a pack of cigarettes, font and all. Even though the story starts out as Andy’s quest to quit smoking and ends up being a journey of self-discovery and closure.

The quality of this release by Top Shelf Productions is stellar. It’s a hardbound volume and is printed on high quality white paper. The production of this piece only adds beauty to an already amazing, touching tale. Pick it up, you won’t be sorry.