Book Review: The Hair Raising Adventures of Jayms Blonde

The Hair-Raising Adventures of Jayms Blonde: Project Popcorn
Story by Robert W. Cabell
Published by iUniverse Inc.
ISBN10: 0595424740
ISBN13: 9780595424740

Review by Linda Yau

Jayms Blonde is a man with a double identity. By day he is a hairdresser, and by night he is a crime fighting secret agent fighting against the dark forces of Zenron, which is led by Zaroya with her hench woman Vichyssoise.

However the book is much more than that plot point. This book had a tongue-in-cheek comedic edge, that made the approach to reading this book an interesting experience for me. Each chapter is relatively short, with panels of comic illustrations to indicate certain actions.

Within the dialogue of the book, there are many references to popular media/events. There are also interesting descriptive references to satire or spoof James Bond, such as the many gadgets that Jayms uses to fight crime, such as a bumble bee flying wings set; or even the various action scenes that take place in foreign countries like Hong Kong or New York and, even up to outer space. While Jayms is the main character; something occurs for other characters that leads to the book’s big finish in the end, with possibilities for another book.

I was able to pick up a copy of this book, at the Brooklyn Book Festival several months back and meet Robert Cabell alongside Carnal Sacrament’s Perry Brass.

This book had the cover that was considered the Special Anniversary Pride Cover, and has human models for the characters of Jayms, Mama, and Precious the pedicurist.More information about this specific book can be found at the book’s own website.