Comic Review: Korgi: The Cosmic Collector

Korgi: The Cosmic Collector
Story and Art: Christian Slade
Published by Top Shelf Productions
ISBN-10: 1-60309-010-x
ISBN-13: 978-1-60309-010-0

Review by Kris

Korgi Hollow is the home for many magical creatures, namely Mollies and Korgis. Mollies are fairy-like creatures and they work with magical Korgis. Korgis are like Welsh Corgis (you know the dogs that the Queen of England raises) that are able to breathe fire. Things are peaceful in Korgi Hollow, until a strange creature starts collecting Mollie wings. Ivy and her Korgi cub Sprout decide to investigate.

While Ivy and Sprout are out investigating we meet out wing collector, and he not of this world. Black 7, the outer space visitor, has his eyes set on Ivy and her wings. Once he has her wings he takes off back home to proudly display his treasure. Thanks to the help from Lump and Scarlett, Ivy and Sprout were able to find Black 7’s makeshift home. It is filled to the brim with Mollie wings and robot toys. Will Ivy and Sprout be able to get her wings back?

Korgi: The Cosmic Collector is a book that anyone regardless of age can enjoy. Korgi Hollow looks like a true fairytale land with its lush backdrops and charismatic characters. There are no words used in the story, so it is truly an all ages comic. All of the characters are truly adorable, even Black 7. This is a truly imaginative world that Christian Slade has created. Since this is the second book I had to jump right into the middle of the story. Yet it was easy to follow and at the end of the book the character profiles are provided so you can keep track of who’s who for the next time you read through it. This is a great introduction to a fabulous fantasy world that will last in your memory forever. If you enjoy stories like The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, and even The Hobbit, Korgi: The Cosmic Collector is definitely for you.

Top Shelf Productions has presented this publication beautifully. It has a smooth matte cover with a beautiful picture of Ivy and Sprout on the front. Even though it is a paper back the materials for the cover is of high quality and it has flaps like dust jacket flaps.

This is a great book to grab off the shelf and enjoy with your children, or in my case alone. It’s a quick read but it will transport you to an exciting world much different and more magical than ours.